Canine Culture: It is what it is.



Hello all, my name is Lisa Mawson.

I am creating this blog to… well, mostly to think out loud. To voice publicly my thoughts and experiences on many topics. Including but not limited to, dogs and other animals. Some are part of my life, and some, part of the lives of others, friends, acquaintances and sometimes clients of Canine Culture, my training center.

This blog is to share experiences. And I will welcome comments as such. But criticism and negative comments will not be appreciated.

“If you really love animals, here is some advice for you:  respect the boundaries and feelings of the people who own them, It is not your right or business to tell me, or anyone else, what to do with our animals or our lives, how much money to spend, who to call for help. Do not give advice to people who have not asked for it, and do not want it. It’s a creepy thing to do, even if you don’t mean it that way. Apart from animal welfare, boundaries are important for human beings. They respect dignity, privacy and identity. Don’t try and take those from me, it will not go well for you.” Quoted from author Jon Katz.

Any experiences I post here are with permission of the people involved, whether publicly named or not. Any success or failure that I post is for the purpose of sharing and learning. Remember, not all training methods work for all animals, or people for that matter. In some cases a particular method may ultimately be successful, but may not be the best choice for a particular animal or owner for good reason. Just because you may know another technique, assuming you KNOW and have USED it for many other dogs and owners with similar issues, temperament and experience, that may NOT constitute experience that is necessarily valid in another case. So keep it to yourself unless it is relevant.

Watching every episode of the “Dog Whisperer” or training your own pets, does NOT make you a qualified professional.

If you understand, respect and appreciate what I have just posted, read on and enjoy. I hope some the experiences and ideas I ultimately share will provide some insight to the work in the world of animals and their lives with their people and maybe even entertain you.



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